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Pay Per Click Requires A Perfect Blend Of Mathematics Explained

PPC Planing
Project Information
We utilize the smartest algorithmic technology available to PPC services. We will collect all data as required to fulfil your business goals.
Landing Page Testing
Landing pages are built on an advanced, customizable landing page platform. For it our team can customize, dynamic landing pages that typically improve existing website conversion rates. This will be helpful to improve landing page Quality score if planning for Google search ads.
PPC Strategy
Keyword Research
We do In-depth initial keyword research and competitor analysis to find the potential target keywords based on business goals for running the PPC campaign.
Remarketing Platform Selection
There are variety of Ads remarketing and retargeting platforms are available. This includes Google Ads Remarketing, Facebook Ads Retargeting and more.
Ads Copies
We work as according to based on the goals defined in the planning step, we will create Ads copies and make sure all align with the same goals.
PPC Execution
Setup Campaign
Our team will setup PPC campaign setup including the setting up conversion on landing page. This also includes setting up keywords, ad copies and budget and more.
Managing Campaign
Once the setup done we will start monitoring campaign on regular basis and do the necessary changes to improve its performance. This changes include excluding irrelevant search queries, implementing bids, increasing or decreasing budget and more.
Monthly Performance Report
Define client information & business goals along with all required information to properly complete discovery process.