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Web Hosting Server is the lifeline of every website. It should be up and running 24/7.
We are available 8 hours a day! Contact to request a detailed analysis and evaluation of your plan.
Shizi Softwares Web Hosting Support

Affordable price plans for you!

Shizi Startup

We will monitor your servers 24/7, restore failed services and keep your systems up to date.

  • Server support
  • 24/7 server monitoring and rescue
  • 15 minutes response to alerts
  • Security monitoring
  • Adjustment and hardening of the initial system
  • Regular server updates
  • Patch 911
  • Backup monitoring and audits
  • Security and hardening audits
  • Performance optimization
  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • Website monitoring and rescue
  • 24/7 on-demand assistance
  • Infrastructure design and configuration
  • Site maintenance
  • Small website fixes
  • Server / application migrations
  • Correction of messaging errors
  • SSL configuration and renewals
  • Server user management
  • Cluster / LB maintenance
Pay As You Go

Get emergency assistance. Save with bulk pricing.

  • Single event support
  • Emergency support
  • 30 minutes response
  • 24/7 on-demand support
  • Direct Skype access
  • Restoring offline services
  • Blacklisted IP recovery
  • Spam cleanup
  • Patching vulnerable software
  • Server data restoration
  • Recovering from a hardware fault
  • Fixing high CPU
  • DoS rescue
  • Disk space cleanup
  • Repairing corrupt databases
  • Web server error fixing
  • Website error resolution
  • Cluster / LB maintenance
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Support by Computer Science graduates
At Shizi, your business will be supported by certified IT engineers with in-depth knowledge of servers, operating systems, networks and DevOps.
Over 400 servers supported
In the past 8 years, Shizi has supported over 400 servers for website owners, web hosts, data centers, and more. We have achieved this growth by treating the business of each of our customers like ours.
Market leader for over 8+ years
Shizi has the greatest history of outsourced support. Since 2014, we have established all the important references in terms of quality support, such as ultra-fast responses, dedicated staff, etc.
Located in India
We manage our front-line telephone support operations from Delhi , as well as technical support and server management from Lucknow, India.!

We have got you covered

We are your server administrators and we have the server management tools necessary to resolve your issues. If you need help, we’re here for you. Some common problems we solve are:

Corrupted RAID recovery
We will rebuild your software or hardware RAID if it is corrupted.
Infected website recovery
We will restore a clean backup or manually clean up the site if the backup, or manually clean the site if backup is unavailable.
IP blacklist removal
We will remove your IP address and fix the vulnerability that caused the blacklisting.
Database repair
We will recover your data using native database tools or restore from a backup if necessary.
Bruteforce mitigation
If someone tries to force your server, we will block their IP to protect your applications.
Fix Email Errors
If your business mail, marketing lists, or other mails fail, we will fix that.If your business mail, marketing lists, or other mails fail, we will fix that.
Website monitoring and rescue
With Shizi performance monitoring and server optimizations, your server will be in good hands.
Disaster recovery
We will help you restore your server completely or partially in the event of a problem.

How we help

We will manage your web hosting infrastructure and transparently support your customers over phone, live chat and help desk. Here’s what you get by partnering with us.

24/7 availability
Our web hosting support engineers help your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your customers will always receive prompt and friendly support.
Multichannel support
We maintain 24/7 web hosting support channels by phone, help desk and live chat. Your customers will benefit from rapid assistance 24/7 on any channel of their choice.
Web hosting technical support
When your customers need help setting up or troubleshooting their hosted services, our support engineers will come to their aid in minutes.
Maintain server performance
We avoid customer complaints by proactively monitoring the health of your server. We fix abusive processes, slow services and more to keep your server fast.
Server hardening
We fix your servers as soon as new vulnerabilities are revealed, and we periodically audit server security to strengthen server defenses.
Emergency rescue
If your server or services fail for any reason (database error, hardware error, etc.), we will quickly fix the problem and put the server back online.
Server installation and configuration
When you need a new feature implemented in your hosting infrastructure, we will help you do it the right way - from design to configuration and maintenance.
Customization of servers / services
We will help you integrate various applications such as the billing system to your servers and refine the services to meet the needs of your business.



Yes, it is likely that we already support the servers running your technology. Shizi manages more than 250 servers from more than 10 web service companies worldwide. We help companies transition to new technologies and platforms as they emerge.

Yes. We support a wide range of platforms, including PHP, Microsoft.Net, and their associated frameworks. We will deal with application framework errors such as Laravel cache issues, .Net configuration issues, etc.

As soon as you signup, our infrastructure management team leader will get in touch with you to conduct an initial server assessment. We’ll then fix any vulnerabilities we find and optimize your server for your application/business. After that, we’ll audit your server periodically, update your software, and send you reports with recommendations.

Yes. Shizi Pro is a credit-based support plan. You benefit from 36 hours of expert assistance for 1 year. You can decide to use it for regular maintenance (including updates, backup audits, security auditss, etc.), or you can use the experts to help you with on-demand requests like installing software, troubleshooting errors, etc.

Less than 24 working hours. After receiving your order.